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About Founder - Nick


I wanted to take a minute to touch on why I started Doer CBD.

My journey toward CBD consumption and Doer CBD the company started when I injured my left knee in the Army around 2005. I severed my ACL jumping off the back of a truck with too much gear, and not enough leg-days in the gym. The injury led to my first surgery which was botched. 

The first surgery ended in complications:

  • Over-bored femur 
  • Recalled bone screws
  • Unaddressed tear in medial meniscus
  • A piece of the MCL graft they installed was left to bind on the femur hole, preventing full extension of the joint.

I had a second surgery to correct the first surgery one year later. The second surgery was performed by Germans while I was stationed in USAG Ansbach, Germany. The Germans did an excellent job considering the fouled 1st surgery. They alleviated the extension issue and removed 40% of my medial meniscus to prevent additional tearing. Unfortunately I still have issue to this day with pain and joint stability.

I was discharged when I declined the option of re-classing my MOS from a 15B - helicopter engine mechanic - to 42A, administrative work. While I absolutely recognize the value the admin MOS' provide to our service men and women, that wasn't what I wanted to do in the Army, it wasn't what I joined to do. 

The VA put me on Oxycodone after I was out. I was on it about 5 years, taking 150 pills per month at my peak. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, started with pills. After about 3 years I started feeling slightly ill all the time. It took me another year to associate the problem to the pills, and another year after that to get fully off the pills. I quit taking opiates with the help of cannabis initially, but switched to CBD consumption in the past couple years. I think the opiate prescription model is a major problem and doctors really don't know what they are doing in a lot of cases. I firmly believe most physiological, psychological, and physical deficiencies can be managed fairly well naturally with a dedicated fitness regime, clean diet (no alcohol either), and consumption of phytocannabinoids. I can say empirically that lifting weights, living clean, and consuming CBD, helps both my physical pain and to keep my Bipolar Depression reeled in.

I started Doer CBD because CBD consumption is now an integral part of my life. Any of the 4 people that know me well can confirm my obsessive nature with my physical state. After my long term opiate consumption it has been even more of a struggle to achieve and/or maintain homeostasis. It is out of desperation to feel well that I transitioned to living clean, lifting, and CBD consumption. I used a number of CBD products before deciding to have my own made - most had some noticeable effect, but many tasted bad, all were expensive, and not one was manufactured at the standards I wanted for the amount of CBD I consume. I wanted as clean a product as I could get, manufactured in a highly regulated facility, and something that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg to buy since I take it all the time. When I couldn't find a product that checked all the boxes, Doer CBD was born.